Develop a strategy that will help you grow your brand & connect.

— Brand Strategy
— Positioning
— Audience Need-States
— Archetypes
— Messaging
— Creative Direction


Stand out from the crowd with elevated & meaningful design.

— Brand Identity
— Graphic Design
— Package Design
— Web Design & Development
— Marketing
— 3D Rendering


Grab attention with professional photos that leave an impression.

— Brand Photography
— Product Photography
— Lifestyle Photography
— Model Photography
— Portraits
— Events

Creative Duo

We thrive on helping our clients achieve their goals by bringing ideas to life through high-end creative services.

We thrive on helping our clients achieve their goals by bringing ideas to life through high-end creative services.

Who we are

Creative Duo

Nick and Kasey are the co-founders of oak&air™, a husband and wife duo with more than 20 years of combined experience within the creative industry. They have worked with more than 50 brands and have the knowledge and expertise necessary to help transform your company. Their team is small, flexible, and efficient, giving you access to high-end creative services that are within reach. With their vast experience and understanding of strategy, psychology, and creativity, they’re able to help you take your business to the next level.

oak&air™ is a creative agency that builds brands, brings ideas to life, creates meaningful experiences, and bridges worlds across several categories. 

— Health & Wellness
— Beauty
— Spa
— Cannabis
— Real-Estate
— Development Properties

— Corporate Consulting
— Healthcare
— Holistic Therapies
— Nutrition
— Gym & Fitness
— Roadside Solutions
— Motorcycle

Nick and Kasey have experience working with clients on all levels from start-ups to established successful businesses who want the best possible experience. Their services include strategy, branding, graphic design, package design, web design, marketing, photography and more. This talented duo knows exactly how to work together and have fun doing it! Whatever your project needs are they can help throughout the process.

How we do it


A strong brand strategy is the foundation for your business and will help guide all of your decisions going forward. Defining your purpose, vision, mission, values, point of difference and positioning keeps you aligned and focused. It’s important to develop a strong strategy before you start executing so you’ll have a clear roadmap to follow as you build your brand. By developing a well-thought-out strategy, you’ll be able to stay on track as you work to build a thriving business.


Psychology plays a key role in the process. By understanding the needs, goals, and values of your target audience, you can create more meaningful and effective experiences. Psychology gives you an opportunity to offer exactly what people need most, evoke emotional responses, deepen relationships, and build loyalty. By understanding the mind of your customer, you can create a lasting connection and success for your business.


Creativity is what brings your vision to life. It’s the process of taking an idea and transforming it into something extraordinary. Creativity is about seeing the potential, developing a concept and executing it with precision. It’s what makes all the difference, helps you stand out, communicates your message and leaves a lasting impression. Creativity is the key to success and what will help you achieve your business goals.

Who we've worked with